Grass Sets

grass setsFor those desiring a rich-looking, yet practical outside carpeting around the grave, under the tent, or as runners, this is the material. Made entirely of polypropylene fibers with heavy Uraloc backing (the finest backing available in any grass set). Each piece of grass is completely surged with strong, tough binding, which keeps the fiber from pulling out. Eaton Grass is guaranteed not to fade, rot, mildew, absorb moisture, or damage equipment. This carpeting is easy to handle and is easily washable with water.

Order Grass Sets

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Complete Grass Set -
12'x14' Mound

Price: $497.00

Complete Wilbert Way Set -
12'x14' Mound

Price: $435.00

Complete Infant Grass Set -
6'x10' Mound

Price: $246.00

12'x14' Mound Only
Price: $274.00

Liners and Borders Only
(T's and Side Pieces)
Price: $280.00

Special Size Grass (sq. ft.)

Price: $1.75